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Listen up!

The brand new three song promo, excitingly named as “Promo 2012″ is up for listen in the music section. Go and have a taste!


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Meigä on hilu seipäässä



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Hello everybody,

our rather long time on hiatus is finally coming to it’s end. As a first concrete sign of it here’s our new site. As you can see we’ve revamped our logo, big thanks to Roni Ä for this! Almost all of our previously released music is listenable at the music section and we’ve put a few pics from past shows in the photos section. Some new promo shots of the band will be added sometime soon.

More importantly, while lurking in the shadows(Trehny Campbell) we’ve written loads of killer new music. We just finished a three song promo of new stuff which won’t be for sale but will be upped here for listening very soon. The next actual SC release will be a full-length album, hopefully though some label, but not having one never stopped us in the past either.  We’ll see about this in the near future.

Of course, we’ll also be returning to playing live shows now. Everything about these will be posted here. We did three shows in our ‘absence’ just to keep our chops up and to try out our new songs. Here’s a clip from one fo those, the two opening songs, shot on a hand held DVR with the sound from it’s mic: Straight to The Source / Sinsoaked

Keep checking back,

Jussi for SC, still not dead yet.

Ps. Thanks to Sami L. for the video.

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